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We offer a variety of services for your pets!

We offer comprehensive examinations for patients of all ages and sizes - from your tiniest kitten to your elderly canine companion. We will tailor a health plan to suit the individual needs of your pet, including a customized vaccination schedule and health screening.

Our puppy packages offer you a significant savings and are designed to ease your transition into puppy ownership. 

As always, newly(within a month) adopted shelter or rescue pets receive a complimentary initial exam - our way of saying “thank you” for giving a homeless animal a forever home.

Diagnostic Services:
Our diagnostic services include: internal and external laboratories, radiology, ultrasound, and endoscopy. 

Laser Therapy:
​We offer K-Laser therapy treatment. A K-Laser is one of the newest technologies in treating pain and inflammation. The therapy laser radically increases circulation, which reduces pain and inflammation by stimulating an endorphin release and excites the energy carrier in the cell to heal the cells significantly faster. Laser treatments are cumulative and one builds upon another. A therapy laser treats any inflammation, pain or acute trauma and any chronic conditions which cause pain, stiffness and resulting loss of mobility. We are excited about introducing this new, non-invasive technolgy. Please speak to your veterinarian to see if laser therapy may be beneficial in the treatment of your pet. 

Anesthetic Procedures:
We make it a priority to ensure that your pet has a safe anesthetic experience tailored to its individual needs: 

-We provide each patient with pre-anesthetic blood work

-We use the safest and shortest-acting induction agent available

-We use sevoflorane, the same product that is used on humans, resulting in a quicker recovery for your pet

-We give each animal an IV catheter, and place each patient on fluids to maintain its blood pressure

-A technician monitors heart rate and oxygen saturation throughout the procedure

-We believe that adequate pain control is essential to the speedy recovery of our patients

We provide a complete oral examination and dental cleaning. 

-We firmly believe that the safest, stress-free and thorough method of dentistry incorporates anesthesia. 

-We have a specialized dental x-ray unit, which enables us to make the best decisions regarding the integrity of your pet’s    teeth. 

-We carry CET dental products to aid you in continuing good dental hygiene at home.

Allergies are one of the most common and frustrating conditions we deal with in Southern California. 

An allergy occurs when the pets immune system overreacts to common environmental stimulants. Dogs and cats seem to “grow into” allergies, unlike humans that tend to grow out of them. This means that pet allergies are not curable, never go away and actually seem to get worse.

When animals are suffering from allergies you may signs such as itching, hair loss, skin infections, ear infections, chewing feet and tail, rubbing face on surfaces, diarrhea, possible vomiting and rarely upper respiratory signs.

By far the most common cause of allergies in our area is fleas (even if you don’t see them on your pet); the next most common cause is a combination of multiple allergens like pollens, molds, dust mites and danders. Lastly, we see a lot of food allergies. Sometimes we see a combination of all of the above allergies.

At Bressi Ranch Pet Hospital we deal with a lot of allergic dogs and many different modalities to try and control allergies. From sophisticated allergy testing and hyposensitization schedules (allergies vaccines), to the more common palliative type approaches where the pets comfort is the goal.

Medical Boarding: 
We provide boarding for our patients with special needs. From medication administration, special diet, or physical assistance, you can rest assured our veterinary staff will care for your pet with all the comforts of a luxury boarding facility.

Boarding Services

Checking In!

We offer boarding for cats and dogs at Bressi Ranch Pet Hospital.
When scheduling your pet’s stay at Bressi Ranch, you have the comfort of knowing your beloved pet is staying in a room (not a cage), with a cozy bed, a movie on the television and their veterinarian onsite.

We charge one flat rate - no extra fees for walks, play times, late pick ups, early drop offs, or medication administration. Each dog staying more than five nights receives a complimentary bath, ear cleaning and nail trim.

To expedite your boarding check-in process, please download the form to the right and bring in your completed boarding sheet at the time of drop-off. We provide your pet with food bowls and bedding. 
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